Dongwha food cares
about your health
we are leading in bringing the healthiest of
the Korean traditional foods to your table.
100% handmade, home-made style Jeotgal
Made with mom’s love and care
Sokcho Yangnyeom Jeotgal
Fermented with low sodium, and more seasoning full of flavor –perfect for your wholesome meal plan.
  • Homemade Jeotgal
    It is 100% hand-made
    we involve no large-scale
    industrial process.
  • Sokcho Yangnyeom Jeotgal
    Sokcho Jeotgal of
    Gangwon area uses less salt
    and more seasoning.
  • No preservatives-
    No added color/
    no added preservative;
    taste the nature to the fullest.